television news. the leftovers.

A new HBO creation debuts this month and, while on the scifi end of the television spectrum, it’s ultimately about a small town’s loss.  Set in fictitious Mapleton, New York, all seems normal until 2 percent of its [and the world’s] population mysteriously vanishes.  Normal no more, a ghostly cult silently stalks the town [while chain smoking], feral dogs roam the streets and conspiracy theories plague those left behind.  Rather, those who are leftover.  Centre to the story, is the police chief [Justin Theroux], whose own family has suffered from the phenomena, and tries to hold both the town and himself together.  Created by Damon Lindelof [notable for the series ‘Lost’] and Tom Perrotta, it sounds strange and creepy, but if you watch the teaser trailer for yourself, there is something authentic, inherently realistic, human nature-wise, that’s compelling.  Despite the strange sounding subject matter, it looks like it could be a great drama.  Check out the trailer for yourself here.

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