career works.

A few simple tips for a more productive desk and office space.

Ergonomics.  You don’t need a human resource technician to assess [or cite] your workspace to figure this one out.  The best person to establish your own level of comfort, is none other than you.  Take a few minutes and review your desk, chair and the positioning of your computer or laptop (screen, keyboard and/or mouse, as applicable).  Adjust, adjust, adjust.  If your keyboard drawer, or desktop surface is too high for your laptop keyboard, lower your keyboard drawer (if possible) or raise your chair so that your hand positioning is more optimal for your typing comfort.  Adjust the angle of your chair back and/or arms to increase your comfort while you are seated.  Tilt your computer monitor or laptop screen to reduce glare.  It’s amazing how a few little adjustments can eliminate back or wrist discomfort and eye strain.

Free the clutter.  Free your mind.  The less chaotic your workspace appears, the more organized you will feel [and be].  Try to establish a system and stick to it, whether it be a simple inbox and outbox, a desktop filing system, drawer storage solution, etc.  It will save you time in the long run by eliminating a time-consuming hunt for something every time you need to find what you want.

Commune with nature.  Most of us have no control over the colour of our office, the furniture in our workspace and certainly not over lighting design.  Add a small potted plant to your desk.  This is one of the simplest ways you can enhance your productivity at work.  Studies indicate that having a plant in your workspace increases both productivity and cognitive-attention.  As well, they naturally filter the air to remove mold and bacteria, keeping you happy, healthy and productive.

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