FARGO -- Pictured: Billy Bob Thornton as Lorne Malvo -- CR: FX/Matthias Clamer

Watch.  Fargo.  Remember the Coen brothers’ cult-classic-film-noir-ish 1996 dark comedy of the same name?  Well, FX’s 10-episode television series isn’t really anything like that, but [in my best Fargo-esque accent] heck, don’t ya go on jumpin’ to conclusions now, that ya might not like it.  FX’s Fargo is inspired by the film, has an all new cast of characters, including Billy Bob Thornton, Colin Hanks, Martin Freeman and Allison Tolman, and is an anthology series definitely worth checking out.  Find it on FX, Netflix and iTunes.


Read.  The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden by Jonas Jonasson.  A delightfully wry and witty tale of how one woman’s attempt to change her future ended up changing everything.  Nombeko Mayeki is on the run from the world’s most ruthless secret service; with three Chinese sisters, twins who are officially one person and an elderly potato farmer. Oh, and the fate of the King of Sweden, and the world, rests on her shoulders.  Born in a Soweto shack in 1961, Nombeko was destined for a short, hard life. When she was run over by a drunken engineer her luck changed. Alive, but blamed for the accident, she was made to work for the engineer, who happened to be in charge of a project vital to South Africa’s security. Nombeko was good at cleaning, but brilliant at understanding numbers. The drunk engineer wasn’t, and made a big mistake. And now only Nombeko knows about it…..find it at Indigo.Chapters, Amazon and The Book Depository.


Listen.  Here and Nowhere Else by Cloud Nothings.  The highly-anticipated follow-up album to 2012s Attack on Memory, Here and Nowhere Else is the sound of founder Dylan Baldi further realizing his potential.  Baldi’s cyclonic guitar parts and Gerycz’s seismic drum work are more tightly nuanced than they’ve ever been before.  This alternative album is every bit as bright and clear as what we’ve recently come to expect, only better.  Listen to sample clips and buy it on iTunes.

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