favourite five. fictitious restaurants.


Double R Diner. Twin Peaks.  Famous for their cherry pie and a good cup a joe.  Who can resist the Double R Diner’s classic fifties feel and the sidelong glances of the eccentric, potentially murderous locals who hang out there?


Nuovo Vesuvio. The Sopranos.  One of Tony’s favourites.  A classic Italian eatery with mobsters on the side.  What happens at Vesuvio’s, stays at Vesuvio’s.


Merlotte’s. True Blood.  Okay, so you can order a bottle of red plasma there.  That aside, this rough, roadhouse style bar & grill has all the charm of rural Louisiana wrapped up in a fun, wild, short-skirt wearing, little-southern tart.


Desautel’s. Treme.  I would regularly eat at any of the restaurants at which character-chef Janette Desautel whips up her delicious versions of classic New Orleans cuisine.  You can recreate her creations at home by picking up a copy of the cookbook inspired by HBOs Treme, ‘Treme Stories & Recipes from the Heart of New Orleans Cookbook’.  Bon appétit!


Al-Abbas. Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Only Larry David would ignite a Palestinian and Jewish war over chicken on television.  Settling in to eat the best [fictional] chicken in LA, Larry and Jeff announce that the restaurant would be the best place for Jews to cheat on their wives, since they’d never be seen.  At Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Al-Abbas you’ll find mouthwatering chicken with more than a dash of satire.

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