forgotten english friday.


Tetanothrum.  1519 – 1823.  A tetanothrum is a cosmetic used for the removing of wrinkles.  Since the beginning of mankind, humans have coveted everlasting youthfulness.  Whether it be minerals, such as alabaster, as the Egyptians used in the 30s BC, tree resins, such as frankincense or myrrh, used by Greeks and Romans in the 4th to 8th centuries BC, or the deadlier arsenic, lead and mercury, used in Elizabethan, Georgian and Victorian eras, we have been spackle-ing anti-aging [poisoning ourselves with] products, or tetanothrums, on our skin for millennia.  While we believe that ‘we’ve come a long way baby’, the [false hope in a jar] anti-aging products of today contain such curious ingredients as snake and bee venom, nightingale (bird) droppings, caviar (fish eggs), bull semen (sperm) and emu (bird) adipose (connective fatty) tissue.   I don’t know.  Can massaging the oil or shit from a dead bird onto our faces really be seen as progress?  I guess it all depends……..does it work?

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