fashion five. spring [wishful thinking] edition.

This winter seems as if it will never end.  In our neck of the woods, we have had record low temperatures and record high snowfalls.  It has either been too dangerously cold to be outside without risking frostbite or if not, it’s a blizzard and the only thing we can do outside is shovel snow.  This week, however, the sun is shining high and bright in the sky and the snow is slowly melting.  Even though the temperatures are forecasted to drop again overnight and another large accumulation of snow is expected on the weekend, I can’t help but think ahead toward spring.  In fact, it is necessary for me to dream of spring in order to avoid spiralling into a major case of SAD.  Anyone skeptical of Seasonal Affective Disorder, clearly doesn’t live north of the 49th parallel, or even in its vicinity.  Anyway, retail therapy in this case is necessary for my mental health and wellbeing.  In fact, I am prescribing it.  The following are a few of my favourite I-am-daydreaming-about-spring-so-I-don’t-have-a-winter-mental-meltdown items.


Hunter Wellingtons.  Wellies can be both fashionable and functional.  Not to mention fun!  Spring can be a wet and messy time of year that can limit your choice of footware, unless you don’t mind ruining your collection with water and mud.  A good pair of wellingtons [they don’t have to be Hunter brand, I just happen to like them personally and they have a great selection of colours and styles] will last you a lifetime.  Remember when you were a kid and couldn’t walk past a puddle without jumping in it?  Well, with a pair of good wellies on, you don’t have to now either!


Classic Beige Trench Coat.  If you don’t already have one, this is a staple item that everyone really should consider adding to their wardrobe.  It pairs well with everything from casual looks to office attire to formal wear.  While it doesn’t have to be beige, as there are great black, navy and other colours, a classic beige trench is timeless and will never go out of style.  Trench coats will also carry you from early spring right through and into cool fall weather.  There are cotton varieties, water resistant types, as well as waterproof.  And, you can find good quality varieties at an affordable price point.


Aviator Sunglasses.  A good pair of sunglasses are not only important for protecting your eyes, but they have the power to remedy a number of ills, aka disguising-yourself-to-be-polite-while-looking-where-you-probably-shouldn’t-be or hiding-those-dark-circles-and-bloodshot-eyes-from-binge-drinking-the-night-before.   Anyway, the aviator looks best on most face shapes and they are another classic look, like the trench coat, that never goes out of style.


Chambray Shirt.  Unlike the classics noted above, the chambray shirt meanders in and out of style.  It has been back, however, for a number of years and continues to be in style again this year.  Chambray is quite versatile, but it is definitely seasonal; for spring and summer.  Denim-like in appearance, but lighter and airier, it pairs well with khakis and in place of a jacket over summer dresses for more casual looks.  But, it can also be coupled with black trousers or a pencil skirt for summer office appropriate wear.  There are varying hues of blues, but I find a mid-to-darker colour is most versatile, if looking to maximize your outfit pairing options.


Wrap.  A pretty cashmere or cashmere-blend wrap is a wardrobe must have.  It can add a punch of colour to an otherwise dull outfit and do double duty as a shawl to keep you warm on a cool spring evening.  There are numerous ways to tie, wrap and drape them, and they will go just as capably with an evening gown as they will with a suit at the office or a pair of jeans on the weekend.  And, the colour and print options are endless.

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