Valentine’s Eve


“On the Eve of the 14th of Feb. St. Valentine’s Day, a Time when all living Nature inclines to couple, the young Folks in England, and Scotland too, by a very ancient Custom, celebrate a little Festival that tends to the same End: An equal Number of Maids and Batchelors get together, each writes their true or some feign’d Name upon separate Billets, which they roll up, and draw by way of Lots, the Maids taking the Mens Billets, and the Men the Maids; so that each of the young Men lights upon a Girl that he calls his Valentine, and each of the Girls upon a young Man which she calls hers: By this Means each has two Valentines: but the Man sticks faster to the Valentine to whom he is fallen to him, than to the Valentine to whom he is fallen. Fortune having thus divided the Company into so many Couples, the Valentines give Balls and Treats to their Mistresses, wear their Billets several Days upon their Bosoms or Sleeves, and this little Sport often ends in Love.” ~ M. Misson’s Memoirs and observations in his travels over England, By Henri Misson, Published 1719

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