10 years old today. but, it seems like only yesterday.


Ten years ago today the most successful social media platform was born.  Unless you live on mars, I shouldn’t have to tell you which one.  However, if you have somehow managed to escape the ubiquitous friend request, and I don’t know how that’s even possible, it is Facebook that I am referring to.  The brainchild of [call him what you will, but no can deny he is] brilliant Mark Zuckerberg, it was launched as a virtual meeting place for Harvard students.  Then called thefacebook.com, it was, like most inventions in their infancy, rudimentary in comparison to its 10 year old successor.  It has gone through a number of growing pains, introducing a number of failed features throughout its formative years, but wall, newsfeed, friending and the like button has changed the internet and our tech-vernacular forever.  It has even infiltrated human sciences, as unfriending has psychological impacts on the unsuspecting unfriended; for the decision isn’t mutual, rarely is the reason discovered by the rejected and it leaves victims suffering estrangement.  Current reports indicate that the youth of our nation are abandoning what they perceive as too-many-old-fogies-aka-their-parents-have-flooded-Facebook in favor of ‘new’ and ‘different’ photo-centric Snapchat and Instagram messaging applications.  What they don’t know is that Instagram is Facebook’s adopted [okay, bought out] little sister.  Social media, is, well, social media.  I think everyone enjoys [or is contemptuous of, if you are the glass half empty sort] a healthy love-hate relationship with Facebook, or whatever-they-call their social/messaging platform du jour.  Despite this, like a moth to a flame, we can’t seem to get enough of it.  There will continue to be new applications launched and competitors like Twitter and Pinterest remain relevant.  Facebook, however, has over 1.2 billion, yes billion, members.  There are already 150 million Instagram users and it’s popularity continues to grow.  10 tech years is like 100 human years, so it seems like Facebook is here to stay.  And, according to 1.2 billion socially estranged, tech-coloquial-izing, instantly message-informed, aged 9 to 90 year old people, they must know what they are doing.

Baby photo (The Facebook of 2005):


Facebook’s timeline since birth (just like an ugly photo posted by a friend without your permission that you untag the instant you see it, Facebook’s failed features are conveniently absent):


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