Office Essentials.

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The desk. Think about how many hours you spend at your office.  Now stop!  If you don’t, you might just find yourself in the midst of a full-blown panic attack.  Anyway, for many of us, our desk really is our home away from home.  Whether your office style is obsessively neat and tidy, all business and no fun, or you treat your desk like its an extension of your own home, cozy and [inappropriately] comfortable, aside from the staple items we all need to do our jobs, there are some items that everyone should have close at hand, to get us through the day.  And, ahem, they should be kept neat and tidy-like, tucked in a drawer.

Advil.  Not for the morning after the night before, but for the afternoon after the morning bored-I-mean-board meeting.

Lint remover.  For those early mornings when you dress in the dark only to find out, once you make it to the office in the light of day, that the cat must have slept on your neatly folded trousers the night before; oh, and how the fluorescent lighting really showcases every calico-colorer hair.

Bandaids.  Isn’t it amazing how much blood can gush from the tiniest, itty bitty paper cut?

Tide-to-Go Pen.  For post-paper-cut-hemorrhage stain prevention.

Hand lotion.  All that paper pushing sucks the moisture right out of our skin; did I mention how attractive dry skin looks under the aforementioned, flattering fluorescent lighting?

Air-freshener.  In your favourite scent.  This is a triple duty item.  1) Some folks just don’t think twice about microwaving leftover cabbage fried with bacon and onions for lunch; 2) You will get the occasional visit from a client or co-worker for whom deodorant is seen as entirely unnecessary; and, 3) A little scent pick-me-up, or aromatherapy if you will, can go a long way to improve your mood and energize your senses to get through to the end of the day.

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