Five words to forget.


Unless you are under the age of thirty, put a full stop to youthful colloquialisms. You know who you are and you know full well what I mean. Think of age-appropriateness in the language department as a common courtesy, not only to those with a good command of the English language, but to those who created the one-hit-wonder-words in the first place. Neither, nor the rest of the unwashed masses, wants to hear this parlance from anyone with a child of their own, a full-time career or a mortgage. As a friendly reminder, I will highlight five of those words and their definitions – as if you need them, as the pattern appears to be the initialism or abbreviation of a word, whether it’s short or long, and sometimes adding an ‘s’ to the end for fun.

Obvi. Slang for obvious. Because it’s just such a long and tedious word to pronounce.

Probs. Short for probably. Because three syllables are hard.

Cray. Abbreviation for crazy. Apparently z’s just aren’t crazy enough.

Adorbs. Acronym for adorable. Who designs a word with four vowels anyway?

Totes. Informal for totally. It’s just so much shorter and more convenient.

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