Seven Forgotten Words.


That should be resurrected! Though, no one would likely understand you if you did. Try using one or more in a sentence. That chasmophile snollygoster with his ultracrepidarian, grinnowed personality leaves me uhtceare. I wish he would guttle, that way, with his mouth full he would have no choice but to mumbudget. Maybe it would be better to try adding just one at a time?

1. Snollygoster noun [snol·ee·gos·ter] A shrewd, unprincipled person, especially a politician.

2. Grinnow noun [gri·noh] A stain that doesn’t come out in the wash.

3. Ultracrepidarianism noun [uhl·truh·krep·i·dair·ee·uhn·ism] Giving opinions on subjects you know nothing about.

4. Chasmophile noun [kas·muh-fahyl] Lover of nooks and crannies.

5. Guttle verb [guht·l] To eat greedily.

6. Uhtceare noun [oot·key·are·a] Lying awake before dawn and worrying.

7. Mumbudget noun [muhm·buhj·it] Keeping quiet.

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