I am a creature of habit.  I don’t suffer OCD, per say.  At least not clinically.  I am quite embarrassed to admit that I have been wandering the streets with the same hair ‘shape’ for at least a decade.  I won’t call it a hair ‘style’, for, now that I think about it, nothing about it was particularly fashionable.   Ten years?  Seeing that in black in white makes me cringe.  Which is why I needed a change!  Of course, I didn’t do anything extreme, but for me, the result of my visit to the salon amounted to a big change.  And, hair ‘change’ is something that I will be cognizant of from this point forward, as who wants to say that they have been rocking the same look for a decade?  Not I, thank you very much.





These are the lovely celebrities whose hair gave me inspiration to change my ‘shape’:



CHANEL Presents the New York Premiere of "Coco Before CHANEL" - Red Carpet


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