Cabin fever. Favourite things.

It may seem early for the winter blues, but the amount of snow and arctic-like temperatures we have leaves me suffering from it already.  While the snow and ice has resulted in a beautiful, frozen landscape of Ansel Adams’ photographic proportions, our perspective of it is limited by the shorter days and frost covered windows.  As we are snow and cold-stayed inside of it, to help remedy cabin fever, make your home cozier and more enjoyable.  To follow are just a few of my favourite things.  All can be found at and if you click on an image, it will link you directly to the appropriate seller’s page for pricing information or to purchase.


A modern, yet woodsy, wall enhancement.  Faux deer mount.  Pretty sea foam green, reminiscent of Tiffany blue, with sparkling silver coloured antlers.  If this colour combination isn’t your bag, there are many other options available.


Who doesn’t love the Canadian National Animal, the beaver?  What better way to showcase this furry creature with signature overbite, than this neutral hued pillow to dress up your bed, couch or chair?  I can’t think of one single better way.


As we hibernate, we tend to spend more time in the kitchen preparing comfort food.  Update yours with these french grain sack cotton tea towels with vintage imagery featuring Grains, Wine, Grocer Logo, Pig, Sheep or Pastry.  Ooh la la.


There is nothing worse than a cold floor.  Well, actually there are plenty of things worse, but in keeping with the cabin fever theme…….keep your toes warm and toasty with these luxurious sheepskin slippers.


Warm yourself from the inside out with this lovely hot chocolate infused with earl grey tea.  To make a warmer, tipsy version, try adding a little whiskey.


Winter skin.  That is all.  Cold, dry conditions lend to dehydrated, thirsty skin.  This organic, pure shea butter, mandarin oil incorporated hand and skin cream will soften and scent you right up.


Cozy up with a good book.  Or, if you haven’t touched the paper pages of one since you powered up your very first e-reading capable tablet, you can still costume yours up to look like the real thing.  I like to dress my iPad up with a cover that is as stylish as it is protective, like this repurposed classic from one of my favourite Etsy designers, Chick-Lit Designs.

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