Baby, it’s cold outside.


-38 degrees Celsius with windchill, to be exact.  At this temperature frost bite risk is high and exposed skin can freeze in as little as 5 minutes.  In these extreme conditions, we exercise caution when venturing outdoors.  Why then do so many neglect to take precautions where their pets are concerned?  Most domestic breeds are not intended – any more than we are – to sustain cold weather exposure.  Dog houses, even insulated and with blankets are not sufficient in extreme cold.  While I would never keep a pet outside, philosophies about pets vary much like they do about everything.  There seems to be a misapprehension that furry animals are built for life outdoors.  Outside and outside at -38 Celsius are two very different environments.  No reasonable amount of fur, just like no reasonable parka for humans, is sufficient for living outside in a cold climate location. Those who insist on ‘outside pets’, heat their ‘house’.  If you are cold, they are cold, fur or no.  My philosophy?  Keep your pets inside.

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